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Miami's Hottest Music Studio!

Andre Mendoza and JP Perez started Mix Masters Miami in a small 2-bedroom house in Kendal in 2008. Since then we have steadily grown to a 3,500 sqft, Full HD facility offering high end equipment from the best brands you know today. Our highly trained staff members are qualified to give you the best sound possible in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in providing a comfortable environment for artists to be free and creative while working on their projects, whether your an engineer, producer, dj or artist, we have the equipment to keep you satisfied. We will keep learning and growing in our efforts to become the biggest recording studio in South Florida.

Full HD Recording with just about every plugin as well as different gear to choose from (Pre-amps, EQ’s, Compressors, Mics etc..)

Great Staff & Certified Engineers & Most importantly A great working environment. Contact US Now for your FREE TOUR!